Ollie is a quiet guy who does the 'right thing' without seeking attention.  But one day he decides to act up a bit; and he learns that doing the 'right thing' just makes him feel good about himself.

Fidget McGidget is an active little boy who has trouble his first few days of kindergarten. He and his teacher find that if he's allowed to learn in his own way, he'll find success.

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A lone firefly, reminiscing at the end of the season, teaches us about the life cycle, habitat, and behaviors of fireflies.  The reader will also learn the importance of living every day to the fullest - no worries, no regrets! 

A picture book memoir based in Watch Hill, RI - highlights include family traditions, a carousel, a favorite ice cream shop, and the author's memories of her grandparents that will last forever.

A young boy learns that we have room in our lives and hearts for all of our friends - old and new!  A delightful story of friendship told from the perspective of a boy's stuffed animals.

A young puppy learns that we all have special talents that make us unique. This lesson teaches him to be happy just the way he is.

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A new student teaches the 'leaders' of the school that you don't have to be mean to others to be the coolest kids in school. It's actually better to be KIND and COOL!