Matthew - inspiration for 2015 release: 

Fidget McGidget

New Release:

Garlic Festival 2016 with ....

      Jackson        &          Connor

With new friend, Sophia, in Lebanon, CT

Connecticut Author & Educator


Groton Public Library Local Authors Event

​May 30, 2015


  Upcoming Events:​ 

Feb. 8th                               Ledyard Preschool  5:30 - 7:30

Feb. 25th                             Cat in the Hat Ball - Mitchell College   

Mar. 2nd                              Literacy Night - West Vine Street School                  

Published Books:

Beads, Bands & A Brass Ring

Puffy No Nose

Louie Digs Up A Surprise

The Coolest Kids in School

Ollie the Otter

​Fidget McGidget

The Last Firefly