The Father/Daughter Team

Sheila Murphy Adams​ - Author

I traveled a long way from aspiring writer to published author. I have loved writing since I could print my own name.  The first poems and short stories I have in my collection date back to my elementary school days!  I have written countless poems - from silly rhymes for yearbooks and invitations, to romantic sonnets for loved ones, and soul searching free verse for my eyes only.

My dreams of becoming a published author remained a silent wish over the years.  I had hundreds of plots that would dance through my head as I was driving, walking, cooking, cleaning, and generally attending to my daily life.  Often I would begin to write them in a notebook, or type them on the computer; only to be distracted by the more pressing business of family and career.  However, I thought for sure, one day, I would write that full-length novel.

When I became a teacher, somewhat late in life, I realized the power of the printed word to help shape our children; educationally and socially.  So I began writing for my students - and that’s where the children’s author in me found a voice.

​I live in North Stonington, CT with my husband, Mark.

Ed Murphy - Illustrator

My father, Ed Murphy, illustrated all of my books. He began his art career in high school, drawing for the school newspaper. He continued drawing in the Navy, for the shipboard newspaper. When he returned from the Korean War in the 1950's, he went to work for the family business and put his dreams of becoming a cartoonist on hold. He has, however, made many artistic creations over the years: from parade floats to musical performance programs. He always enjoyed drawing, sketching, lettering, and painting.

My dad illustrated my first book, Beads, Bands, & a Brass Ring, in 2010. He continued illustrating for me - completing 7 books in 6 years - until his death in March 2016. I will be forever grateful for the joy of working with him in making both of our dreams come true! He was an incredible man and will be truly missed!

Edward J. Murphy

April 4, 1929    -     March 19, 2016